business builder PROGRAM (12 month program)

This 12 month program focuses on business education, along with actionable strategies you will be able to put to use immediately. I will teach you the core skills that are necessary for your next level of success as your start your business, replace your income or make the transition to full time self employment. The system for lead generation is a proven one and will help you close more sales, manage your time, plan & organize effectively, and give you the right blueprint for certified, lasting success.

  • Investment is:

    • $5,997 when paid in full (Savings of nearly 30%)

    • $1,797/quarter - 4 payments (Savings of nearly 15%)

    • $697/month when paid monthly or biweekly

  • Program includes:

    • 1 monthly strategy phone call meeting

    • Program Focuses On:

      • CEO Development Process

      • Sustained Teaching pace to ensure long lasting results

      • Laying a solid foundation upon which you can build

      • Business Launch Process

      • Developing Strategic Event Ideas

      • Income Replacement Strategy

      • Business Design Process