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Tiffany Gillespie is a small business development EXPERT & strategist.

She assists those who are serious about growing their business WITH:

  • Increasing Their Profits by 50% or more

  • Creating New Streams of Revenue in Their God-given Purpose

  • Planning Strategic Events to Get Them In Front of Their Target Audience

  • Implementing Efficient & Effective Business Systems

  • Introducing Innovative Strategies to Promote Long-term Growth and more!

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Hello! I am so elated that you stopped by! My name is Tiffany Gillespie and I am your newest Purpose Partner. What does that mean? It means that I am invested in ensuring that you prosper in your purpose. With many elite consulting firms, you are passed along to a secondary coach. I am personally invested in delivering a hands on approach to working with my clients. In my programs, we will use my unique 5 prong approach to focus on your spiritual, physical, emotional and mental well being as the foundation for your financial prosperity. My approach goes far beyond accountability and motivation. I believe that it is not enough to motivate you if there is no implementation. I am committed to seeing you succeed through implementing each of the strategies that you learn through our activity based academic/consulting model. I bring my experiences as a University Professor to my style of consulting by providing a specialized curriculum and infusing online teaching. Because of this personalized approach to business consulting, I only work with a limited number of clients who are very serious about doing the work that is necessary to increase their income exponentially. I specialize in teaching my clients how to build and sustain multi-six figure businesses through strategy, guidance, innovation & accountability. I have had the honor of consulting individuals and companies from their startup phase to companies that gross nearly $750,000 annually. Some of my previous clients include Catalyst Church, Wine & Small Bites, Hope Seekers,  Woodson Legacy,  Whitney’s R & B Cleaning, and more! No matter the type of business you own, the industry you're in, or your God given purpose, I can help you walk profitably in your calling. With a 100% success rate, I provide the strategies for my clients to meet or exceed their goals during the course of their program or less time. I am determined to save my clients from years of lack and frustration in their professional lives!


You will have the support of an award-winning, results driven consultant to give you honest feedback and an integrated library of small business & career advancement solutions to help you think strategically about long-term goals. And, in the process, you’ll increase revenues and profits, add value to your business, prepare for strategic promotions and develop a career that rules. Tiffany takes the time to assess key function areas, assess business valuation, and develop real strategies that produce tangible wealth. She has developed an impressive array of services & program options that fit the needs of every business owner and career leader.


There are three ways that you can work with Tiffany in a one on one setting. During our introductory consultation call, we will discuss your goals, the requirements for acceptance into the program and the results you can expect. At the end of the call, we will get you registered for the private consulting program that is the best fit to ensure maximum success.



For those individuals who are unable to afford the investment in one of our private consulting programs, please consider enrolling in The Purpose Seekers Academy. Enrollment and special group programs are available at select times during the year. Visit the Academy’s page for more information.


This offering is designed to help individuals devise a strategic plan through the use of our exclusive 12 month goal setting template. This will help you to begin making progress towards all that you want to achieve.