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it all started with…

An idea from God two years ago. As a business owner, I have always understood the need to build a tribe. So, when God gave me the instruction to build a community, it made complete sense. So I tried and I did. But nothing really took off. I helped build some communities and even had one of my own, The Purpose Seekers Club. But I always felt that something was missing. So about two years ago, I stopped trying to force it and focused on simply doing the work I was created to do. Out of nowhere, God gave me the truth that I had been trying to avoid in order to make others feel good. I’ve been called to serve Christian women and there is nothing wrong with that. He forced me into a place of isolation so that this community could be birthed based on something real!

As I began to research and prepare, a disturbing and frustrating truth was confirmed. It is so taxing to clearly identify other Christian women leaders in the marketplace. It’s easy to identify those women who serve in ministry as preachers, intercessors, etc. But what about those women who work in healthcare, politics, and education? How can we connect Christian Women Leaders across industries/fields?

Thus, the christian women’s collective was born

The Christian Women’s Collective is a community that nurtures the spiritual and professional growth of women leaders around the world through Christian principles, education, accountability & mentorship. This community is for the Christian woman who has a heart for Jesus AND leadership. Membership in this community is a clear way to distinguish yourself & stand out in the marketplace. It's not a fad or trend, but it is about a lifestyle of honoring God in every area of life, including in professional spaces.


There is so much for you to explore here! First, I want you to get your free devotional, Brave. It is 7-day devotional dedicated to helping you live without fear! After that, join our community for free by following us on Instagram. Every Christian Woman Leader has access to our weekly live broadcast and our podcast! After that, I want you to read more about our community of Christian Women Leaders. If you decide that you need more than a live broadcast & podcast, you are encouraged to look at our exclusive membership options.

If you have any questions about the CWC, please email us at or call our office at 267-417-8193!