Welcome to your safe space!

One of the biggest questions that we ask in every group setting is “where do I fit in?” Even the most independent and revolutionary woman needs a safe space to be all of who she is freely. I have found that many women leaders feel that in each area of life, they have to leave a piece of themselves behind. That is not the case in this community! Think of this community as a re-fueling station, the place where you find peace, and the place where you can be your goofy, fierce, vulnerable self at the same time. Nothing more is expected of you here than for you to be yourself, be committed to your sister leaders, and have a thirst for knowledge & spiritual truth. At this point, you may be asking yourself a few questions…


Who are the women of the christian women’s collective?

Imagine a circle of women who are outspoken about their needs & desires, fierce in their approach to life, passionate about their goals, and so kind that it reminds you of Christ’s love on Earth. That is The CWC! Here’s a run down about your fellow sister leaders:

  • They come from all different racial & ethnic backgrounds

  • They live in places like Iran, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Washington, & Ohio

  • They range in age from the early 20s to late 70s

  • They are consultants, ministers, educators, nutritionist, realtors, and more!

  • They also happen to be amazing mothers, devoted wives, single women, pet mamas, community leaders, and more!


How Can I Interact with the women of the cwc?

The beauty of our community is that it is primarily online/virtual. This allows us to connect with women around the world without the limitations of geographic location! Every quarter, we host meetups to allow the women of The CWC to fellowship in person. We also host two major events every year, The Haven Getaway & The Christian Women Collective’s Annual Conference.


How do i know if i am ready to join?

Are you interested in connecting with other Christian women?

Are you ready to be surrounded by and loved by a group of like-minded, God fearing women?

Are you in need of fellowship with other Christian women that actually helps you to grow in the Lord?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, then you are ready! We always recommend praying on all things before making a decision. Although you don’t have to do the nitty gritty work, we do need your commitment. The women of The CWC need you and what you have to offer to this world! Your decision to join The CWC is a commitment of your time, love, energy, gifts, trust, transparency, finances, and wisdom.