six figure setup PROGRAM (9 month program)

In 9 months or less, this signature program grooms you for six figure success & sustainability. For the business owner and career leader who needs to learn how to create lead generation systems,  leverage your systems for growth, and ensure your business can carry the growth, this program educates you on best business practices and teaches how to grow revenues and profits. I understand the struggle in making the leap from 5 figures to 6 figures. Even more, I understand and have overcome the challenges associated with making the leap which may include designing duplicable systems and increasing your exposure in front of your target audience.

  • Investment is:

    • $4,497 when paid in full (Savings of 18%)

    • $1,797 per quarter - 3 payments (Savings of nearly 10%)

    • $700 per month; when paid monthly or bi weekly

  • Program includes:

    • 1 monthly virtual strategy meeting

    • 1 monthly virtual group meeting (with other SFS clients)

    • Developing proven systems in your business in the following areas:

      • Ensuring generation of six figure revenue

      • Giving business owners more financial freedom

      • Proven wealth principles

      • Establishing generational wealth

      • Establishing varied streams of passive & active income

      • Marketing

      • Building a solid & profitable community